URLs and Ports

While Signal K is a transport-agnostic protocol, there are certain conventions that have been established for use on the Web and by clients and servers using HTTP and WebSockets.


The Signal K HTTP and WebSocket services SHOULD be found on the usual HTTP/S ports (80 or 443). The services SHOULD be found on the same port, but may be configured for independent ports and MAY be configured for ports other than HTTP/S.

A Signal K server MAY offer Signal K over TCP or UDP, these services SHOULD be on port 83751.

If an alternate port is needed it SHOULD be an arbitrary high port in the range 49152–655352.

URL Prefix

The Signal K applications start from the /signalk root. This provides some protection against name collisions with other applications on the same server. Therefore the Signal K entry point will always be found by loading http(s)://«host»:«port»/signalk.

[1] This has not been registered with IANA yet. It is the ASCII decimal code for SK.
[2] This is the private use section of IP ports specified as reserved by IANA.