This is a quick start for any-one that would like to contribute. Its roughly from technically unskilled to skilled, top to bottom. Dont be afraid to ask for help. Each task will probably start with a new thread for more details on the Google groups (!forum/signalk). Be patient, civil, and persistent :-)

Completely unskilled at boat electronics:

  • Join!forum/signalk - as the user base grows, so does awareness.
  • Tell others, spread the word
  • Fly a Signal K flag from your boat
  • If you have special skills (eg motors, batteries, navigation, etc) help us extend the Signal K protocol by identifying what we need to cover.
  • Ask manufacturers about Signal K support
  • Ask questions about what you dont understand, and collate the answers for us to put on the website.

Can do own installs, handyman, but not IT skilled.

  • Try an install of Raspberry Pi and WIFI, document exactly how you did it, so others can follow.

Website or documentation skills

  • Help us maintain the website, and improve the documents

Good computer skills, but not programming

  • Download and try the java server ( and node server ( and the various apps and clients. Help test and identify issues, help improve documents so others can follow easier.
  • Help with User manuals!

Systems engineer

  • Help other users, help with scripts, develop and maintain install processes, managing our web sites, etc.
  • Examples:
    • Create Debian packages of the Signal K software for easy installation to Raspbian

Software developer

  • Download and test/fix our stuff, add improvements, join the team and help code, develop support in your own software.


  • Improve our Arduino stuff, add your own, incorporate Signal K into your products.