26 Apr 2020

Recent articles about Signal K

gravatar Paul Sumpner

The message is gradually getting out there about the benefits of Signal K and there have been some really interesting articles published recently on other blogs, and we thought we would give you links to them here.

Bare Necessities - DIY Boat Electronics Project

One of the most detailed blogs on the internet about developing a marine computer, a boat LTE/WiFi gateway, and a cockpit chart plotter display from easily obtainable and affordable components. Mikhail Grushinskiy has done a great job in both developing and documenting his boat’s system.


Sailbits.com - Real-Time Signal K data

Steve Mitchell, a long time Champion of Signal K has published a great article on how he remotely accessed real-time weather data from his boat using Signal K.


Henri Bergius - Signal K refit

Active sailor, adventurer and software engineer, Henri Bergius has written an excellent article on his Signal K installation.