How it All Began

Signal K began in a GitHub issue, as a solution for 5 developers to make their projects interoperable. Frustrated at the closed protocols, expensive hardware and internet “unfriendliness” of marine data, they decided to develop a new “Open Data Standard” that would compliment and expand the existing marine data protocols.

By utilising modern web technologies and protocols, running on low cost but powerful hardware platforms and encouraging an open and collaborative community of developers all working to a common goal, they have managed to create a really powerful and expandable data format, that will change the marine electronics market forever.

Meet the Team

Although the number of contributors and developers has significantly increased over the last few years, the core team of 5 developers and 1 installer/writer that made it all happen, are still actively involved and making sure their “baby” is growing as it should:

  • Robert Huitema

    Robert Huitema

    Sailing since early 90s. Spent 2 years sailing the Pacific Islands and Australia with my family. While cruising, began using an Arduino for various onboard tasks, and in 2011 started the Freeboard project.

  • Teppo Kurki

    Teppo Kurki

    Cruises the Baltic on a Raspberry Pi equipped sailboat and helps Signal K along whenever daytime job permits. Started with Signal K effort based on experiences writing Navgauge.

  • Tim Mathews

    Tim Mathews

    Sailor, software engineer, tinkerer. Maintains Argo & Pyxis

  • Fabian Tollenaar

    Fabian Tollenaar

    Competitive and recreational sailor from an early age. Business founder and programmer, wrote Saildata which evolved into the Node.js Signal K server

  • Kees Verruijt

    Kees Verruijt

    Started computing life building an Acorn Atom and still writes C code for a living. Maintains the CANBoat open source NMEA 2000 analyzer and the Navico radar plugin for OpenCPN.

  • Bill Bishop

    Bill Bishop

    Sailor, boating writer, marine electronics installer with twenty five years of factory automation and robotics sales management experience.

  • Christian Motelet

    Christian Motelet

    I have been sailing for 15 years, always with my own embedded system on board, which has crossed the North Atlantic. First with a FoxBoard LX then an Arietta G25. In 2017, I discovered Signal K which already offered everything I needed.

We are all sailors, and all geeks! We work as developers and specialists in a highly connected internet world, and we want to enjoy the benefits on our boats.