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sensesp::Startable Class Reference

Automatic calling of the start() method at startup. More...

#include <sensesp/system/startable.h>

Inheritance diagram for sensesp::Startable:

Public Member Functions

 Startable (int priority=0)
virtual void start ()
const int get_start_priority ()
void set_start_priority (int priority)

Static Public Member Functions

static void start_all ()


class StartableCompare

Detailed Description

Automatic calling of the start() method at startup.

Classes that implement "Startable" will have their start() method called automatically at startup when the SensESP app itself is started. The optional priority allows for certain classes to be initialized first. The default priority is zero. A higher priority (i.e. greater than zero) will be started before a lower one (i.e. less than zero).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Startable()

sensesp::Startable::Startable ( int  priority = 0)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get_start_priority()

const int sensesp::Startable::get_start_priority ( )

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◆ set_start_priority()

void sensesp::Startable::set_start_priority ( int  priority)

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◆ start()

virtual void sensesp::Startable::start ( )

◆ start_all()

void sensesp::Startable::start_all ( )

Called by the SensESP framework to initialize all of the objects marked with this class. They will be initialized in priorty order. If you want to see see the name of each sensor and transport in the serial monitor as each one is enabled, add the following to your project's platformio.ini file:

build_unflags = -fno-rtti

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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◆ StartableCompare

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