Streaming WebSocket API: /signalk/«version»/stream

Initiates a WebSocket connection that will start streaming the server’s updates as Signal K delta messages. You can specify the contents of the strea by using the subscribe query parameter.

  • ws://hostname/signalk/«version»/stream?subscribe=self
  • ws://hostname/signalk/«version»/stream?subscribe=all
  • ws://hostname/signalk/«version»/stream?subscribe=none

With no query parameter the default is self, which will stream the data related to the self object. all will stream all the updates the server sees and none will stream only the heartbeat, until the client issues subscribe messages in the WebSocket stream.

If a server does not support some streaming options listed in here it must respond with HTTP status code 501 Not Implemented.

See Subscription Protocol for more details.

Connection Hello

Upon connection a 'hello' message is sent as follows:

  "version": "1.1.2",
  "timestamp": "2015-04-13T01:13:50.524Z",
  "self": "123456789"

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