The Team

Signal K began in a GitHub issue, as a solution for 5 developers to make their projects interoperable:

  • Robert Huitema

    Robert Huitema

    Sailing since early 90s. Spent 2 years sailing the Pacific Islands and Australia with my family. While cruising, began using an Arduino for various onboard tasks, and in 2011 started the Freeboard project.

  • Teppo Kurki

    Teppo Kurki

    Cruises the Baltic on a Raspberry Pi equipped sailboat and helps Signal K along whenever daytime job permits. Started with Signal K effort based on experiences writing Navgauge.

  • Tim Mathews

    Tim Mathews

    Sailor, software engineer, tinkerer. Maintains Argo & Pyxis

  • Fabian Tollenaar

    Fabian Tollenaar

    Competitive and recreational sailor from an early age. Business founder and programmer, wrote Saildata which evolved into the Node.js Signal K server

  • Kees Verruijt

    Kees Verruijt

    Started computing life building an Acorn Atom and still writes C code for a living. Maintains the CANBoat open source NMEA 2000 analyzer and the Navico radar plugin for OpenCPN.

We are all sailors, and all geeks! We work as developers and specialists in a highly connected internet world, and we want to enjoy the benefits on our boats.