Applications & Solutions with Signal K Support

  • iKommunicate (in KickStarter) by Digital Yacht is a Signal K server with NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 connectivity.
  • Yacht Devices Voyage Recorder can export data in Signal K format.
  • FairWind can act as a gateway from commonly available marine electronics to Signal K supporting Android based Boat Apps.
  • Locations by ActiveCaptain can use data in Signal K format.
  • SmartBoat digital marine instrument display, various instruments designed to mimic the standard marine instrument display for Android and iOS
  • Vyacht router - router with Signal K support
  • NMEAremote: iOS marine instrument display with Signal K support
  • Signal K Mobile: Open source mobile app for Signal K, available for iOS and Android
  • WilhelmSK: Highly customizable Signal K application for iOS with Apple Watch support
  • Tactical app for iOS and Android - helps to make decisions faster. Polars, Charts, Wind graphs, Signal K, Google wear and much more.
  • AFTrack: a marine navigation display for an Android phone or tablet. Uses tracking with various logging features, several input modes, maps online and offline, wind routing, AIS and more.
  • pysk: a terminal client for displaying Signal K data, based on Signal K Python client library.
  • Signal View: with this iOS app, boaters can move around the vessel whilst monitoring their live boat data. Tank levels, depth, drift, engine parameters, fuel economy, bait-well temperature, wind speed, battery status, etc, can all be monitored from the convenience of an iPhone or iPad.
  • OpenPlotter: OpenPlotter is a combination of selected software, SignalK, OpenCPN and Node-RED to mention a few, and hardware to be used as navigational aid on boats. It is also a home automation system onboard. It’s easy installation with a NOOBS installer for Raspberry Pi.
  • Homebridge Signal K Plugin brings HomeKit integration to let you monitor your boat’s batteries, tanks and temperatures as well as control digital switching with the Apple Home app and even Siri.

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