Signal K Demonstrator

Currently most of the “cutting edge” development is being done on the Signal K Node-Server. Node is a popular development platform based on Google Chrome’s JavaScript runtime environment and it can run on a lot of different hardware including x64, arm, arm64, ppc64le, power7, power8, and s390x.

One of the most popular hardware platforms for Signal K is the Raspberry Pi, which on a “Processing Power to Dollar” ratio, is pretty unbeatable and with so many people using it, getting help and support is much easier than for other platforms.

For those that prefer working in Java, there is also a Signal K Java-Server, but it is currently not fully up to date with the latest development work.

A fully working version of the latest Signal K Node-Server is currently running on the Signal K demo webserver and if you click on the link below it will open in a new tab. You will be taken to the Server’s “Dashboard” where you can then click on the Webapps menu to see some typical Signal K Apps.

This is the same Node Server that you could be running on a Raspberry Pi on your boat and it would be your boat’s real data being displayed in your web browser, rather than our demo data.

Open Signal K Node Server